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Zotero Your personal research assistant Zotero -
Article The Practitioner Model of Creative Cognition: A Potential Model for Creative Practice-Based Research Scalar -
Article Outline of Practice-Based Method Scalar -
Article Bengaluru’s Repair Cafe is Helping You Fix All Your Broken/Damaged Old Items News18 -
Article Date with history: Chickpet was old Bengaluru’s central business district The Economic Times -
Article Bangalore Pete - Placing Bengaluru A Turquoise Cloud -
Video Go Playces: Orijit Sen - Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016 YouTube -
Website Feral Atlas Feral Atlas -
Article “21 Days of”: A COVID-19 Autoethnography Experiment Future Making Research Consortium -
Website AtelierNL - Sand Journey AtelierNL -
Video Giorgia Lupi and Kaki King - Bruises - The Data We Don’t See YouTube -
Video Community Owned Wireless Mesh (COW Mesh) - Janastu with the support of APC & Sida YouTube -
Article Public Space and Life in an Indian City: The Politics of Space in Bangalore by Salila P.Vanka Deep Blue -
Article Drawing the Bombay Plague - Science Gallery Bengaluru Science Gallery Bengaluru -
Video COwHKI Movie YouTube -
Article “A ‘Feminist’ Server to Help People Own Their Own Data” - THE BASTION THE BASTION -
Article On imposed morality of different scales, and what a position-based response looks like Selva_How_to_Read_Slums_English.pdf -
Article Baadal Nanjundaswamy - Activism through art: The journey of Baadal Nanjundaswamy The Indian Express -
Article Today’s decrepit KR Market which will turn 100 this year was once a magnificent structure The Times of India -
Article Reflective analysis in creative practice research - Reflective Practice, Auto-Ethnography
Article Auto-ethnomethodology Scalar -
Article Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research: Scholarly Acts and Creative Cartographies   -
Article Responsive Practice: Case Study - Medical Anthropology - -
Tweet Twitter thread about data and surveillance Twitter -
Article William Kentridge - Drawing Lesson One: In Praise of Shadows YouTube -
Article Felix in Exile - William Kentridge YouTube -
Video An Alarippu: Trailer YouTube -
Book I Swear I Saw This: Drawings in Fieldwork Notebooks, Namely My Own by Michael Taussig University of Chicago Press -
Website The Visual Abstract Database Visual Abstract Database -
Article Early days of the Internet in India - Mafatlal and the early Indian Internet Substack -
Video Data - Philosophy Tube YouTube -
Website Anarchaserver Anarchaserver -
Magazine PULP - An urban online magazine narrating stories of the everyday, the everywhere, and for everyone PULP India -
Website Tacit Urban Research Network - Housing Research Archive Tacit Urban Research Network -
Twitter Mapping the Field class - Cüirtopia project Twitter -
Article “Around the Antenna Tree: The Politics of Infrastructural Visibility” - Lisa Parks Flow -
Article Uncivilizing Digital Territories - COMPOST Issue 02: Luandro COMPOST -
Article The Art of Mapping Catalogue The_Art_Of_Mapping_Catalogue.pdf -
Instagram Account Takweer - Digital archive mapping queerness and Arab history Takweer تكوير mapping, queer, Arab
Instagram Account The Korean Archives The Korean Archives mapping, Korean
Website The Living Waters Museum - Curating visual narratives on water heritage The Living Waters Museum water, heritage
Website AI Observatory - Exploring the impacts of AI on society AI Observatory AI, technology, society
Website Duke University Press - “Hydraulic City” book Hydraulic City urban studies, cities
Website Solar Protocol - Website hosted on solar-powered servers Solar Protocol sustainability, solar power
Instagram Post Lawrence Abu Hamdan - Audio investigation of aircraft sounds Lawrence Abu Hamdan on Instagram sound, investigation
Website Mapping the Field - Spring 2021 Graduate Anthropology Studio Mapping the Field anthropology, mapping
Blog Polis - Collective blog about cities worldwide Polis cities, urban
Article IDR - Indian cities: For men, by men IDR gender, urban
YouTube Video Wireless For Unconnected Wireless For Unconnected technology, connectivity
Article The Hindu - A city that fell to the lure of trade A city that fell to the lure of trade history, trade
YouTube Video Daniele Quercia - Happy maps Daniele Quercia: Happy maps maps, happiness
Website Nagasaki Archive Nagasaki Archive archive, history
Website Dialectograms - Mitch Miller’s visual narratives Dialectograms- Mitch Miller art, narratives
YouTube Video Drummer brought memes to the NYC jazz fusion gig Drummer brought memes to the NYC jazz fusion gig music, performance
YouTube Video The Queen of Trees - Official Documentary The Queen of Trees - OFFICIAL nature, documentary
Website Annita Lucchesi - Maps MAPS - alucchesi mapping, indigenous
YouTube Video Experiencing architecture through the senses Experiencing architecture through the senses architecture, senses
Article - Bengaluru’s evolution through maps Fourteen maps that chart Bengaluru’s evolution Bengaluru, maps
Article The Baffler - Care Tactics Care Tactics - Laura Mauldin care, society
Website Tracing Public Space - Methodology for transforming public spaces ABOUT- TRACING PUBLIC SPACE public spaces, design
Website Ranjits work - Visual storytelling and mapping stories visual storytelling, mapping
Article Teaching Autoethnography - The Autoethnography Project The Autoethnography Project autoethnography, research
Website Art Deco Mumbai - Photo documentation of Mumbai’s Art Deco Recce, Mapping, Fieldwork Mumbai, Art Deco
Article The Baffler - Design is not going to save the world Design is not going to save the world design, society
Website Nicky Case’s Projects Nicky Case’s Projects interactive, games
Website Parable of the Polygons - Playable post on societal shape Parable of the Polygons playable, society
Website See-Do-Be Design Resources on Notion See-Do-Be Design Resources design, resources
Website The AutoEthnographer - Literary & Arts Magazine The AutoEthnographer autoethnography, literature
Article Julian Dibbell - A Rape in Cyberspace A Rape in Cyberspace cyberspace, ethics
Website Street Art Cities - Street art worldwide Street Art Cities street art, urban
YouTube Video Scavengers - Short Film Scavengers film, short
Website Nomadic Tribe - Interactive tale Nomadic Tribe interactive, storytelling
Book Teaching Autoethnography - The AutoethnographyProject The Autoethnography Project autoethnography, education
Website Art Deco Mumbai - Photo documentation of Mumbai’s Art Deco Recce, Mapping, Fieldwork Mumbai, Art Deco
Article The Baffler - Design is not going to save the world Design is not going to save the world design, society
Website Nicky Case’s Projects Nicky Case’s Projects interactive, games
Website Parable of the Polygons - Playable post on societal shape Parable of the Polygons playable, society
Website See-Do-Be Design Resources on Notion See-Do-Be Design Resources design, resources
Website Maya Janine d’costa - Artistic practice maya Janine d’costa maya Janine d’costa art, site-specific
Article Excuse Me, Is Your Tooth Ringing? WIRED Tooth Implant, Technology
Website Mute Button Chronicles Documenting, Archiving, Practices
PDF Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World Cornell University Documenting, Archiving, Networks
Instagram Post Nina Nayko on Instagram Instagram Photography, Street Photography, Night Photography
PDF Comic Layout Mesh Download Comics, Design
YouTube Video Natak YouTube Theatre, Performance
YouTube Video Rehearsing the Future YouTube Speculative Fiction, Speculative Narrative
PDF Design Fiction Web Edition Download Design Fiction, Epistemology
YouTube Video VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGI 76 YouTube VFX, CGI
Twitter Thread How to Use Ethnographic Field Notes in Paper Writing Twitter Method, Ethnography
YouTube Video Raven YouTube Short Film, Animation
Article Using Indigenous Metaphors in Research: Appropriating or Engaging? Pulling Together: A Guide for Researchers Research, Indigenous Metaphors
Wikipedia Article Visual Autoethnography Wikipedia Method, Qualitative Research
Article Seasonality: Human and Non-Human Patterns Medium Mapping, Affective Writing, Pattern Library
Article Why Design Needs Copyleft The Hard Copy Design, Copyleft
Collection Collection of Dances in Choreography Notation 1700 Public Domain Review Dance, Choreography
Website Web Design as Architecture Web Design as Architecture Web Design, Architecture
Website Satire, Email
Image Hand & Gravity Studies Art, Studies
Old Maps Old Maps of Bangalore Wikimedia Commons Maps, Bangalore
Article Bangalore’s Disappearing Lakes Guerrilla Cartography Lakes, Bangalore
Website Bangalore Pete Turquoise Cloud Bangalore, History
Website INTACH Bangalore INTACH Bangalore Heritage, Bangalore
Article Improvised Performances: Urban Ethnography and the Creative Tactics of Montreal’s Metro Buskers Humanities Ethnography, Buskers
Website Digital Democracy Digital Democracy Democracy, Technology
Article Sex in the Indian City The Nib Gender, Sexuality
Website Gubbi Labs Gubbi Labs Research, Innovation
Article Traffic Curbs for Karaga Today Deccan Herald Traffic, Karaga
Wikimedia Commons Old Maps of Bangalore Wikimedia Commons Maps, Bangalore
Website COMPOST Issue 01: Techno-Futures from Bidar COMPOST Reflection, Digital Storytelling
Website COMPOST Issue 02: Re: Sister COMPOST Creative Autoethnography, Carework
Article The Prompt Whisperer Interconnected Speculative Fiction, Worldbuilding
PDF Elliott 2005: Using Narrative in Social Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches Download Narrative Research, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research
PDF Simonsen & Robertson 2013: Routledge International Handbook of Participatory Design Download Participatory Design, Ethnography, Heritage, Ethics, Communities
Website BDA Revised Master Plan 2031 OpenCity - Urban Data Portal Masterplan, Bangalore
Website BDA Revised Master Plan 2015 OpenCity - Urban Data Portal Masterplan, Bangalore
Article Barefoot Walker’s Diary: Walking Without Shoes in Bengaluru Deccan Herald Bengaluru, Walking
Twitter Status Chickpet Station on the Green Line TheMetroRailGuy Bengaluru Metro, Chickpet Station
Twitter Status Entrances of Chickpet Station TheMetroRailGuy Bengaluru Metro, Chickpet Station
Twitter Status Photo at Chickpet Metro Station ArtinTransit_b Bengaluru Metro, Chickpet Station
News Article Hindi Nameplate of Chickpet Metro Station CNN News18 Bengaluru Metro, Chickpet Station
News Article Trial Run from Feb 25: BMRCL Bangalore Mirror Bengaluru Metro, Trial Run
Google Earth Help View a Map Over Time Google Earth Help Google Earth, Map
Interview Improvement is a Continuous Process: Dinesh Gundu Rao Citizen Matters, Bengaluru Interview, Dinesh Gundu Rao
Website Everyday City Lab Everyday City Lab Urban Design, Public Space Design
Website Gubbi Labs Gubbi Labs Research, Innovation
Twitter Thread How to Read Scientific Papers Effectively Twitter Research, Scientific Papers
Website Something About Maps Maps, Cartography
Website Enter Sultana’s Reality Enter Sultana’s Reality Digital Storytelling, Virtual Experience
Website 13 Ways NCBS Archives NCBS, Exhibition
Website The Long Emergency The Long Emergency National Emergency, History
Website Video Archive, Text Annotation
Website IIA Archives IIA Archives Archival Collection, Manuscripts, Photographs
Interview In Conversation with Kavita Devi Feminism in India Journalism, Media
Website Redecentralize Digest Internet, Decentralization
Article Miyazaki’s Urbanism Strong Towns Urban Design, Hayao Miyazaki
Course Syllabus Critical Caste Tech Studies CCTS Caste, Technology
Article Building More Resilient Social Impact Networks SSIR Social Impact, Networking
Article Decolonize This Place Instagram Decolonization, Columbia University
Article DIY Networking: The Path to a More Democratic Internet The Conversation Internet, Networking
Journal Archive as Method Asia Art Archive -
Reflection HCD Pre-thesis Making the Visual Abstract - Reflections Abirami Sankar Google Docs -
Document Data governance WP3-DTI-researchagenda-June21.pdf -
Festival The Kishori Film Festival 2021 KiFi 2021 - Open Janastu -
Toolkit DisorganizingToolkit.pdf - -
Article Design Thinking Is Fundamentally Conservative and Preserves the Status Quo Harvard Business Review -
Network Dalit Archives Dalit Archives -
Tweet Facebook users claim to hate the service Twitter -
Article Auto-letters from Kollam Town Instagram Post -
Document B·LORE_ Call for Submissions.pdf Google Drive -
Mapping Mapping political action and actors 186.pdf -
Article How Chinese children and youth worked to overcome restrictions Migrant Knowledge -
Book The cultural politics of emotion by Sara Ahmed SplitPDFFile_150_to_174.pdf -
Book Mol - 1973 - The_logic_of_care-annotated.pdf - -
Scholarly Article Hidden public spaces Google Scholar -
Document 01_Chapter_1_final_to_share.pdf - -
News Article Elgin theatre enters the pages of Bangalore’s history Times of India Communities, Tools and Techniques

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