List of Articles I wrote

A list of the pieces that I wrote, co-wrote and edited

Community Resilience and Technology

Community Networks and Local Knowledge

  • Techno-futures from Bidar (2021): A group reflection on setting up a community mesh network in Bidar, India.
  • Community Networks Stories: Experiences from co-creating a local knowledge network: Shares experiences from co-creating a local knowledge network.
  • Establishing a community network: A speculative framework for imagining contributors to a community network.
  • Co-edited a local journal called Untold Bidar featuring pieces on long-time collaborators and placemakers in Bidar, focusing on their practice and life. Interviewed farmers, seed distributors, agrarian scientists, and Published pieces in a local journal about local agrarian practices, mythic narratives and heuristics used by farming practitioners to care for their environments in the context of learning climate practices practices from different types of experts

GIS, Research and Data Visualization

Design and Innovation

Collective Practices

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