Workshops and Classes

Workshops and Classes

A list of the Workshops, Classes, Panels and Publications that I organized, spoke, wrote

Design and Artistic Exploration

Sound and Storytelling

  • Beyond Listening - 5 day masterclass (2022): A masterclass on the intersection of publishing and non-textual media, focusing on oral narratives and sound’s role in storytelling, particularly relevant in the Indian context. Collaborators: Bhanu P and Shafali J.

Social Justice and Inclusivity

  • Valuing Indispensability: Critically reflecting on Intersectionality in Practice (2022): A series of workshops presenting encounters with voices in praxis that are often dismissed, aiming to create spaces where indispensability is the norm. Collaborators: Upasana B and Shafali J.

  • Design and Social Justice (2021): A workshop discussing how design can support or hinder social justice goals, focusing on equity for marginalized communities. Collaborators: Senjuti, Siddhant.

Digital Archives and Annotations

Network and Community Engagement

  • Alternatives and Demands in Network Ruins (2021): A panel discussion on community networks in the context of technological and societal ruins. Collaborator: Shafali J.

  • Design Beku Townhall (2021): A workshop to define principles for Design Beku, advocating for conscientious design practices. The townhall helped shape the organization’s foundation.

Media and Politics

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