South Asian Digital History Repository

South Asian Digital History Repository

Welcome to the South Asian Digital History repository! This project is dedicated to cataloging libraries and historical records related to South Asia, with a particular emphasis on Digital History.

Duration: 1 Month

Project Information: South Asian Digital History Repository

My Role: Information Architecture, Content Design, Curation, Fork


The repository encompasses two main aspects of Digital History:

  1. History of the Digital: This includes the exploration of technology and the internet and their interaction with socio-cultural phenomena within South Asia.
  2. Digitized History: As archives throughout South Asia transition to digitization, formerly inaccessible cultural and historical artifacts become available for study and exploration.

Contribution Guidelines

We welcome contributions from individuals who share our passion for uncovering narratives of South Asian digital history. The project operates under the ethos that formalizing archives from a top-down approach often perpetuates colonial ideas regarding knowledge ownership and profit. As such, the archives included here span a broad spectrum in terms of content and origin.

How to Contribute

  1. Fork the repository from GitHub.
  2. Read the Guide to Contributing for detailed instructions on how to contribute effectively.
  3. Submit your contributions via pull requests, ensuring they align with the project’s goals and guidelines.

Join Us

If you’re passionate about exploring South Asian digital history, we encourage you to join our community of contributors. Together, we can uncover and preserve valuable narratives that contribute to a more inclusive understanding of the region’s past.

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