Designer’s Ace

Designer’s Ace

a set of 101 cards aimed at fostering design thinking among budding designers.

This was a project from a team of people that were all aspiring to be a part of a design school someday, somewhere. This was a collective effort of a group of aspiring design school applicants: a set of 101 cards aimed at fostering design thinking among budding designers.

Our primary goal was to challenge the prevailing notion that only individuals who have spent their entire lives drawing and sketching can become designers. We partnered with several designers to identify the most effective traits in their profession, subsequently devising tasks to enhance these characteristics.

Here’s a glimpse of the tasks:

Serial NumberTask
1Begin your day with meditation and illustrate your experience
2Connect with a stranger via a helpline and sketch a face to match their voice
3Discover and photograph ten distinct textures
4Visualize being at two locations simultaneously and narrate the experience
5Reflect on the worst movie you’ve seen and describe your emotional response
6Spend time in a bustling location, capturing its dynamic nature through photographs
7Close your eyes, immerse in the ambient sounds for five minutes
8Observe a conversation, try to read lips and guess the discussion topic
9Craft a comic strip depicting an episode from your life
10Analyze various objects and concoct a narrative around them

These tasks were formulated by grouping the traits a designer should ideally possess, as per the consensus of a community of designers.

Sr. No.TraitsOur Interpretation
1Empathyability to resonate with others
2Creativitygrasping the essence of design
3Sensitivityaptitude to perceive things in their true form
4Observationgeneration of unique ideas
5Art Skillsrefinement of craftmanship

In addition, we arranged the tasks based on their inherent nature and introduced a gameplay element via the application of archetypes.

SymbolArchetypesOur Interpretation
’+’Conjurertasks promoting creativity
’()’Gurutasks fostering self discovery
Astronauttasks enhancing awareness
?Mad Scientisttasks encouraging experimentation
!Dancertasks intended for expression

People Involved: @DarpanaNaik, @KiranSabnis, @Anagha Rewalkar, @VivekShinde, @MicahAlex My contribution: Qualitative Research, Prototyping, Play system, Nomenclature and Typology

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