Invisible Cities - Koramangala

My house is in a silent place in koramangala
There is no cars rushing to get to the other side of my cul-de-sac like area
A few dogs bark hesitantly at night
Quasi-police employed by a corporation frequently whiz around on silent electric bikes
People walk on the streets sometimes talking between themselves or on headphones
In the morning, there’s the sound of water rushing through pipes to meet beautiful small gardens
A little before that there’s a herd of buffaloes that passes through my area to go to graze
They go back before anyone wakes up too
The only sign that they did are long lines of moist dung that
dries during the day
Or gets spread around by tires
Only to be topped up in the morning
On the other side of the park is a playground where boys play in the evening
Sometimes the pourakarmikas come for meetings
I see them in the morning too, shuffling about cleaning up leaves and flowers
The garbage truck comes and goes while I’m asleep
Chalapathi, I know his name, because I pay him every two months on Google Pay
I can’t seem to remember the names of anyone else because I pay them cash

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