Hi, My name is Micah

I work with various collectives learning to nurture conversations, efforts and people. I do this through creative making and facilitating cross-conversations. I work with these collectives in the domains of open community technology(Janastu,) , human rights in the inclusive digital(Design Beku), art-based design practice(Agamashaala), archival, and annotation(Milli) and creative place-based research undertaken in the Dakkhani region Living Labs Network & Forum ._

What kind of change am I excited by?

I am excited by situated research that engages with stories from the ground on their own terms as a long term effect. I am interested in collectives that bring forward alternatives that are more rooted in stories from the ground rather than imposed ideas passed down from positions of hegemony. What does it mean to co-make artifacts that help us imagine anti-capitalist, anti-caste and anti-colonial systems and languages? I would like to humbly play my part in such efforts while considering my privileges and limitations in a lifelong venture.

What do I bring to the table?

I am a writer, designer and artist. I enjoy making digital knowledge bases for these collectives and efforts. I am also learning to dabble in code so that I can make in a bigger variety of ways.

What strengths do I play to?

I have always worked on multiple projects in many different places, recommending myself to be a collective hire between different collectives. I am really good at understanding the nature of different types of information and derive enjoyment from organising and representing it in different ways. I am a slow learner, even though i do understand things faster, i do wait till i have internalised my learnings, this has helped me form my political orientations quite a bit

The collectives and people I work with

- [Living Labs Network and Forum]((https://linktr.ee/llnaf) - Living Labs is transdisciplinary research network in the Dakkhani Region. We collectively engage in a creative place-based research and design practice. Looking for alternative ways to look at development especially through the ideas of specificity and inheritance.
    - I help with admin work, research on ground, talking to partners, tooling, publishing and maintenance
Design Beku - Design Beku is a multidisciplinary collective working in the intersections of design, technology, human rights and urban design reimagining new ways of working with care 
    - I help with documentation, research work, admin work and maintenance

About this website

The name of this website, ‘khattamicah’, is a play on words. ‘Khatta-meetha’ is a type of crushed ice lolly that translates to ‘sour-sweet’, and ‘Micah’ sounds like ‘meekah’. This site was created using Jekyll, based on another project, and features my personal CSS.

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