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A Rape in Cyberspace

Title: A Rape in Cyberspace

Author: Julian Dibbel

Year: December 1993

Keyword: Digital Ethnography, Cyberspaces, Thick Descriptions

A Rape in Cyberspace

  • Capstone Comments: Collectives and convos remain the same, only the capability to share multimedia has changed, the way to build consensus remains textual, embodied interactions, symbol and sign, code as performative magic, sitessame mind and same body has moving through sites, each site comes with their own baggage. i didn’t stop engaging with bidar, non-linear engagement, thick descriptions.
  • Coleman: one of the first journos to engage with anonymous, spaces for computer-mediated ethno, how to define a field or site from digital ethnography
  • Coming of age in second life what he chooses to write about and the tense of what he writes about
  • different framing of knowledge
  • Crosstalk in digital platforms, synchronous in the world of asynchronous
  • Movie script in screens, searching, thick descriptions of interfaces
  • snippet and present thick descriptions
  • centres of gravity of the manifestation

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